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We have also some customers who have returned to our restaurant after tasting other restaurant and believe that We have the best Taste of Fast Food in Udaipur and so they have recognized us as Best Restaurant in Udaipur.
From the day we have started the Bawarchi Restaurant in Udaipur, we have always payed special attention to our Fast Food taste. We have learnt from the feedback of customers how to develop a unique taste for customers.
As population is increasing of Non-Vegetarian, most of the vegetarian people have stopped going out for dinners and lunch till they don’t find Pure Veg Restaurant so they can enjoy with family and friends. Bawarchi Restaurant is here for you and you can visit anytime. We serve pure veg food and people can enjoy without worrying about non-veg things in their dishes. With this if you want to enjoy pure rajasthani food in Udaipur. Bawarchi Restaurant welcomes you with open heart. We daily serve our Rajasthan’s special dish i.e. Dal, Bati and Churma with this we also prepares usually Jodhpuri Gatte ki Sabzi, Kadhi and serve achaar of Ker Saangri.

Best Restaurant in Udaipur – Good Ambiance
If you are looking for peaceful place with good ambiance in Udaipur, then prefer for Bawarchi Restaurant. Nice place for family dinner, office dinner, dating dinner, party dinner etc. It is said that a restaurant’s ambiance sets a stage. Music, Lighting and Table Layouts create a natural atmosphere that is soothing to the people. Restaurant is not only known for the taste and food but also for accommodation of tables and lighting. Lights create wonders, some people believe that light should be dim while some prefer to be clear as day. But science has proved that light color and brightness should be chose in such a way that people of any age feels comfortable.
At Bawarchi Restaurant people forget about the stress and enjoy dinner fully to their heart. Bawarchi Restaurant has been recognized as one of the prominent restaurant in Udaipur who serves food that is not heavy on the pocket and has great menu and thali system with good ambience. So if you are in Udaipur and want the best food, then visit Bawarchi Restaurant. You will definitely not regret your choice. We serve food that will make a long lasting impression and would like to come again and again for exploring more dishes.

Best Restaurant in Udaipur - Bawarchi Restaurant

“Enjoy Food At Best Restaurant”

Vegetarians are crazy for Paneer, Yogurt and Spicy dishes prepared from Green Vegetables. Bawarchi Restaurant is pure veg. restaurant and we take good care of vegetables and all the dishes are prepared from fresh, green and leafy vegetables.

Udaipur is famous city all the world and is known as “Venice of the East” and “City of Lakes”. Tourists come across the world whole year to see its majestic beauty. Bawarchi Restaurant adds traditional taste to this site and tourist can enjoy delicious regional food here.
We also customize the dishes as per customers need like some customer ask for spicy Fast Food, some for medium-spicy and some for less spicy. We take orders and we take care of these requests from customers and then we serve the dish.
This is the reason for our Bawarchi Restaurant representing as a brand name.
Some Customers are so addicted to our taste that they have never tried to go somewhere else for Fast Food.
Our staff is well maintained. We have our own uniform and we use gloves while serving and preparing food. We have got best clean kitchen in Udaipur. We take care of the customers as they have found our restaurant better in quality then other restaurant of Udaipur. Local people of Udaipur are well known about this fact. Even in many survey that happens in Udaipur young generation have suggested for Bawarchi Restaurant as Best Restaurant in Udaipur.
Udaipur is well known for its beauty and we are well known for our food taste. Bawarchi Restaurant is remarkably best restaurant for quick meal anytime with family and friends. We are a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Fine Dining, and Pure Veg Restaurant.

best restaurant in udaipur

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